Behind the Scenes

An overview of our departments

Is our online marketing your thing?

There are a number of different fields of work in our online marketing department. Your job is to manage the opinion platforms and communities to a high standard and to keep people talking about them with regular and creative promotional activities. You will also need to recruit panellists with a sure hand.

For you, social skills aren’t just a byword for better career opportunities: you’re convinced that enthusiasm and, above all, sincere respect for your partner is what it takes to make a good working relationship.

The job also requires the ability to think analytically. We believe that you’ll only realise online marketing’s full potential if you’re able to summarise things objectively and analyse them clearly.

You see your job as a mixture of analytical strategy and enthusiasm for communication in all its facets, because you see the people behind the web pages. You initiate collaborative ventures with external partners, design surveys and write press releases.

You combine a love of communicating with people from all over the world, with intelligent, contemporary web platform design whilst raising our profile on social networks.

Recognise yourself in the description above? Then we hope to see your application in the mail soon!


Project Management? How we do it:

First things first: our project managers are the be-all and end-all for our international clients. Their day-to-day business is online market research and they know the business inside out.

Everyday they take up the challenge of coordinating and implementing projects around the globe, from programming online surveys to evaluating and analysing the results, with a great deal of energy and passion. If when you read the following, “Maintaining and developing high quality standards, a passion for creativity in project development and meticulous data collection, coding, data checking and evaluation”, you don’t break out into a sweat but the above words make your eyes light up, then you’ve almost got a foot in the door!
If, in addition to the above, writing field reports and preparing the accompanying graphics is your business zen and you find using statistical methods and SPSS a piece of cake, this could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

Fancy the idea of operating and managing customer panels and communities as well?

Perfect! Then we can’t wait to hear from you.


Sales & Consulting

Do you have a feel for dealing with that distinct species – the customer? Then please read on: our sales and consulting team love kindred spirits.
So what do we do? We identify customers, attract them and nurture them throughout the customer relationship.

You want to work for us? You have a sense of fair dealings with partners and the ability to approach customers openly and professionally. You are experienced in dealing with business customers from large companies. Your ability to present yourself professionally in German and English makes you the perfect consultant for presenting new topics to large audiences?
Clearly, you know what a lead is, you know how important sales reports are and you’ve always got your sales cycle under control?

You’ve even got experience in the market research industry? Perfect! If you don’t, no worries - we’d be happy to initiate you into the tricks of the trade and demonstrate the strengths of our services.

If this sounds like you, then get your application in today!

Please go to our current vacancies.

Or send a speculative application to:

respondi AG
Dr Otto Hellwig
Huhnsgasse 34b
50676 Cologne

We are happy to do away with paper applications: we would prefer you to email us your covering letter and CV at