We talked to Bengül, Key Account Manager at respondi, about her work:

Bengül, after two years at respondi, what’s your working day like?

Bengül: “It usually starts with a cup of coffee”, she says, unable to suppress a grin, “but seriously: the client is the centre of my world. Dealing with their projects, coordinating all the workflows, finding solutions to the tasks at hand and implementing them – that forms the core of what I do. I make myself available for the client and we meet to discuss in person how to proceed further or plan new activities. In addition I write proposals and contact new clients.”

Does the work at respondi come up to your expectations?

Bengül: “I wanted a job where I had direct contact with clients again and to have the feeling that I was able to take the right decisions for them without any delay.

That’s the thing that really motivates me at respondi. I am given the freedom to work independently but know that I can ask the team for support or advice anytime I need it. I also feel safe in the knowledge that it’s always the end result that counts, not each individual segment of the work.”

What are your clients like actually?

Bengül laughs: “Well, they’re just like the rest of us: people with goals. And it’s my job to listen to exactly what they want, what they envisage, what their goals are.

And then there’s the human angle: how do I approach my client? What do they expect of me? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

What’s absolutely certain is that being honest makes things a lot easier. I never promise anything that I cannot deliver. I prepare for each project really thoroughly beforehand, and examine possibilities and look at possible solutions. If a project is particularly difficult to implement I will make sure that the client knows that. I go through all the points with him, offer alternatives or advise him against it. It’s fantastic when a difficult project goes off successfully without a hitch! “

What kind of person do you need in your sales team?

Bengül: “We need people who like to be in contact with other people and who are interested in moving forward, who are able to multitask and who can remain meticulous even if things get a bit hectic.

You don’t have to be a mathematical genius – but you should be able to deal with figures and not break out into a sweat at the sight of a few numbers. For us, figures decided whether or not a project is feasible – only careful and conscientious work will help us to make the right decisions. This often presents a real challenge but is always important. respondi offers us the opportunity to work on our own goals – everyone here is able and encouraged to achieve their full potential. If that’s what you want, then we’re the right employer for you. “

How do you see the future of the industry?

Bengül: “Panels and online market research is a rapidly expanding market. Companies’ demands on market research will also continue to grow. We are prepared for this and alongside innovative products we offer data and service quality.”

What does respondi mean to you, and by extension, all its staff?
Bengül: “A smile when I come into the office, even if that sounds a bit lame. Right from the start, I was given the freedom to organise my work as I saw fit and I learnt to appreciate my colleagues and their know-how very quickly.
Run-of-the-mill pen pushers or pompous nonsense? There’s none of that here at respondi. Everyone is incredibly focussed and experienced, but they’re never pushy or want to get ahead at the expense of their colleagues – they’re great fun to work with. Being able to rely on such a great team really inspires me and the clients can tell. I honestly can’t imagine working nine to five anymore or working for a hierarchical organisation again.”