Flexibility and reliability: our field services

We’ll organise your survey projects and support you in carrying out innovative studies with our comprehensive research know-how.

‘Make or buy’ decisions made easy

One thing you should know: of course you can use our panel software to design and implement your own questionnaires easily.

However, we’re also happy to take care of organising and carrying out your surveys for you. On request, we will programme the content of your questionnaire, design it in the required layout and test it thoroughly before the field phase of the project commences. We’ll select the sample, invite the participants and monitor the response. Once the survey has ended, we’ll reward the respondents with the agreed incentives, ‘clean’ the dataset and deliver it to you in the required format. The advantage for you is that with this range of services you can still operate a successful panel even if you are the only market researcher in your company.

Innovation: we’ve got our finger on the pulse

Many years experience of providing project management services to the market research industry mean that we’re not just skilled at the basics, but that we are also adept at putting complex questionnaire designs into practice. Whether it’s multi-lingual projects, multimedia survey content, flash questionnaires, online diaries, mobile questionnaires or qualitative research methods – we’ll get the job done for you.



Our comprehansive management capabilities for your research projects


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