Being able to concentrate on the essentials is not a luxury

Our experts will manage all the content and technical aspects of your panel administration for you.

Panel maintenance: for specialists only!

The requirement is simple enough: you want panel members made available in the right numbers and composition when they are needed for a survey. In practice this means that the panel needs to be constantly maintained at a very high standard. When operating panels, sometimes simply carrying out interviews at the right level of intensity and frequency is often the deciding factor between first-class results and a loss of information.

The key to success: good relationships with panellists

It’s a good thing that panel maintenance and operation is our core business. We know how to attract, retain and motivate panellists and how to interview them in the ‘right’ way.  We make sure that your panel is put together optimally each time and recruit extra members if necessary. We look after the panellists for you, make sure the incentive systems work efficiently and ensure that the survey cooperation remains high.

Service without parallel

We look after all the key factors that ensure the success of your panel and relieve you from the administrative burden of looking after the panel operation – a range of services that is unique in the European market research sector.



Success of respondi Panel Management


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