Our Community management: The advantage of years of experience

There is a lot to consider when installing and managing a research Community. Good, that we are best informed about all the most important themes.

Best foundation: Our Community experience

We have many years of experience with market research Communities. In the run up to the study, we advise you on the possibility of a research Community, and on all the most important points, which should be taken into consideration in the planning and implementation. We set up the Community for you and provide the complete technical infrastructure. During the field phase, we help you in the planning of the individual research actions and the coordination of all measures. In short, we deal with all the important details, and you can concentrate on what you would like to know.

"Researchtainment": Increase the attentiveness and willingness to participate

During the field phase, it is especially important that the attentiveness of the Community participants is kept at a high level. The subjects should always be informed about the timing of your research activities, so that a high level of participation can be guaranteed. In order to achieve this, we do not only communicate with the members in the Community about your research activities, but we also carry out additional theme-specific actions.

Target-specific: Quality control, Reporting & Results

An Insight Community can quickly produce several hundred user entries, blog articles and comments. We monitor the project, evaluate the participant activities in real time and continually give feedback during the duration of the project. In this way, we can react to current developments and alter change and enhance your methodical approaches and concepts during the running time of the Community. We even prepare the results for you; so that we can quickly obtain results from the Community project.


Your corporate community. With our help.


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