Quality and quantity – a good mix

We know our panellists very well. That way, you can access precisely the consumers you need for your research - every time.

We know who our panellists are and what they think

We hold around 300 current pieces of information on each of our panellists – in continually updated form, naturally. In our specialist panels, which we operate for frequently asked topics, we also hold a further 600 pieces of profile data on each panellist. So even before the survey starts you’ll already know quite a lot about your participants – this speeds up the field phase and increases the validity of the results.

Multisourcing – our worldwide network of partners

Complex tasks need functional solutions. We cooperate with an international network of partner companies. For you this means that even for very complex tasks there is virtually no target group that we are unable to supply for your survey.

We play with our cards on the table

We believe that trust is part of a good working relationship. But building trust takes time. That’s why we’ll let you look at the composition of the sample we supply, the profile data of the panellists involved and of course the response and participation rates. We’ll also provide you with conclusive evidence of the origin and proportion of external panellists in a sample. So you see, you don’t have to leave anything to chance.



Sampling: Our services are your added-value


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